Product Warranty

Fabridor Inc. guarantees its products to be free of manufacturing defects and material deficiencies for a period of one year from date of manufacture. This warranty is void in the case of non respect of conditions described in the manufacturing specifications.
Reasonable Care:
  • Products must be stored in a humidity and temperature stable environment.
  • Our wood products are designed in order to support the natural movement of wood.
  • Natural beauty of wood implies some irregularities. These are not to be considered as defects unless the grade chosen by the customer specifies it.
  • No warranty covers assembly joints line apparition using solid color finishes.

  • Our warranty is applicable to goods returned in their original condition only.
    It also only covers repair or replacement of the latter.

    Oversized doors
    Doors exceeding 24 inches wide and/or 42 inches high will be build with a center rail and will thereby be guaranteed against warping, swelling or shrinking of wood according to tolerance described below.

    Overall dimension: +/- 3/64"
    Warping : 3/16" on doors below 29 15/16" in height
    1/4" on doors below 42" in height
    5/16" on doors above 60" in height
    Miter : .010" on a third of joint length

    Product specialisations
  • 45 degree assembly
  • 90 degree assembly
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  • V.I.P. Orders : 1,2,3,4 & 5 days
  • Regular Service (Wood): 8 days
  • Regular Service (Veneer): 10 days
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